Wait did people seriously do that at Aquabats???


Yeah, at the Atlanta show back in uh. Spring. I think.

I was at this show and stayed to wait for them outside. There were only about 7 of us that were there and no one there matched the description of the girl that supposedly did this, not even close. I never saw anything weird or messed up like that happen.

I was also inside the venue for a long time before going out, Jimmy is the only one that came out into the crowd as the concert ended. I left merch line to talk to him and afterwards had to get back in line and wait longer. We never saw Ricky or Eaglebones come out before we made it outside.

Even then once we went out, it only took about 5-10 minutes before they all started coming out one by one. They were all still there when we left but I believe they were about to leave so we headed to the hotel up the street. When we left, I looked back once and it was all still the same people who were there to start with. *shrug*

(Sorry for the long winded response, just thought I’d throw in my experience)